Peter & Constantinos Sofikitis, “Anasfallo x 2”

Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation

February – March 2014

Two photographers, two brothers, one performance, two different approaches. Realistic & deductive.

Peter & Constantine Sofikitis, reviewed and re-interpreted the show of Tassos Bekiaris. Each one of them with their own distinct point of view. The inspiration from the show and the ability to attend the rehearsals, as well as approaching each project has given them a new perspective. Acknowledging, immortalizing and trying to put out the ideas given by the choreographer Tasos Bekiaris and writer Christina Mitropoulos.

The photo-reportage approach of Constantine is intended so as to illustrate the concentration of pain and frustration, but above all the vindication that comes with it at the end of his effort. Constantine is ready to imprint every movement at any given time with his camera, capturing time, giving us the opportunity to view through his image the rehearsals and the feelings obtained even for a simple second. The dancers are in perfect harmony when moving or even when standing still.


On the other hand his brother Peter abstracts from time. The Strained senses of the movement, pain, disappointment and distress have continuation. Images that allow you to feel like you were there from the beginning to the end. These images allow you to scream, dance and express yourself as if being on stage. Peter captured the dancers as if they were ethereal sculptures. The black and white images are strong with the presence of red movement. The visual and personal perception left on each one of us sometimes pulls us back, and sometimes pushes us forward.

Images which gain strength from the movement, but also movement that volumes tense from the images.