In this book entitled “Opposite or Next to” three photographic entities are displayed: “Dreaming” by Dimitris Sofikitis from 1999, “An attainable journey” by Petros Sofikitis and “Aquatic destiny” by Kostantinos Sofikitis from 2018. The book depicts a journey through time, its common reference point being a destined land. A place that unknowingly joins two genera- tions of travelers together. On the occasion of this misplaced land that is full of variables, reality meets dreams and realism meets surrealism. Absence becomes presence and presence becomes a conscious state.

  • Text: Daniela Aggeli, Christina Kiparissa
  • Design: Iliana Alexandrou
  • Proofreading: Christina Kiparissa
  • Poems: Aggeliki Iliopoulou (PhD candidate in Latin Philology at NKUA)
  • English translation: Emily Mandilara
  • Visual Memoir, 2022
  • ISBN 978-618-86012-0-8
  • 1st publication
Part of the proceeds will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières Greece